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Rich Media Ads

What is a Rich Media ad?
Rich Media ad is an ad made using Rich Media technologies. Though the term 'Rich Media' can be difficult to define, rich media technologies generally exhibit at least some of the following characteristics:

  • User interaction
  • Advanced animation
  • Audio and/or video

What can be done with Rich Media advertising?
There are endless possibilities with Rich Media advertising. You can create quality ads, eye-catching animations, or interactive ads that gain the attention of the user and create high brand awareness.


Why should I use Rich Media ads?
Rich Media increases brand awareness and click-throughs. Rich Media ads increase interaction with the user and much more visually stimulating than conventional banner ads.

What is the response rate of Rich Media ads?
Rich media ads regularly deliver response rates between 5% and 50%. As with most online advertising, the click-through rates are determined by many factors, including the creative idea, ad format and much more.

Where can I use Rich Media ads?
Rich Media can be used on the many networks of sites that allow this type of advertising. You can also contact the site you wish to advertise, as most of them allow Rich Media ads being shown on their sites.


What is your entire work process?
1. You send us a “Business Inquiry” with desired ad format and specifications
2. Within 24 hours we review your specifications and give you a detailed price quote with available options
3. We develop concept and provide you with a storyboard outlining the scenes in your ad
4. Once you accept the storyboard concept we produce project
5. We test every function of the project
6. You revise the project and inform us of any problems. If changes are necessary we will modify your banner until you are satisfied
7. You make a payment by credit card or Pay Pal
8. We sent you all source files with launch instructions if needed

What is your fee structure?
As with most online advertising, ad prices are determined by many factors, including the creative idea, ad format and much more.

Viral Marketing

How does viral marketing work?
We will design and incorporate an exciting referral interface on your marketing campaign, whether on your website or your email marketing campaign and allow you to collect invaluable user data/statistics. We offer this unique internet marketing and traffic-building opportunity to those clients who wish to do more with their existing streaming video campaign.

Do I need to have a streaming video to use your viral marketing service?
Yes. We are experts and almost magicians with unique streaming media applications. Not to stray away from our expertise, all of the services we offer must consist of some forms of streaming media i.e. Flash, Windows Media or QuickTime.
Why does viral marketing work?
Viral marketing is a powerful marketing tool you can use to quickly spread the word about your company thru referals. Hotmail, for example, signed up over 12 million users in its first 18 months of operation using viral marketing. An estimated 80% of the recipients of a viral marketing piece pass it on to at least one other individual - at NO COST to you. Even better, as your message comes from a friend there is an element of implied approval that will enhance your response rate.
What are some of the ideal applications for viral marketing?
New product/service launch, extend and expand existing marketing efforts, increase internet presence and many more!
Who uses viral marketing?
Many of the most reputable companies in the world use viral marketing to spread their important marketing message to the public: Coca Cola, Sara Lee, Ford Motors, MTV, Lycos, Microsoft… etc. The list goes on.

Video Email Marketing

What do I need to get started?
What we need from you is your video and the specifications for the email template.

I have a list but I don’t have any tracking ability or I simply just don’t have the time. Does Xtream Studio offer some type of email marketing management service?
Yes we do. From creation, list selection, email delivery, tracking and data gathering, we do it all! Please contact us and see how we can help.
What if I don’t have an email list to send to, will you help me with that?
Xtream Studio has partnered with several reputable opt-in email list brokers and we can help you find the best possible list that will optimize your campaign.
Who uses video email marketing?
Just to name a few: Warner Brothers, DeVry, MTV, New Line Cinema, Dell and many others.
Are there any limitations as to who the emails can be sent?
We don’t spam. All email list given to us must be opt-in and with the ability to be opt-out. For all email marketing campaigns we manage, we only acquire opt-in lists, sometime even double opt-in lists, to ensure no spamming whatsoever is taking place and that people’s privacy is respected. Beside, only opt-in lists generate the right kind of response you look for.

As far as technology goes- no! We utilize combination of Flash and HTML to create the most dazzling and attention-grabbing HTML template that can be opened with any browser and operating system.