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Web Site FAQ

What is your design and development process?
Though every web design project is different, below is a representation of our general guidelines for the average custom project.

  • Survey is sent to you to give our web design team a foundation of information to build on for the preliminary consultation.
  • Consultation. Usually done over email or phone, serves to discuss concepts, analyze objectives, review elements of competitor sites and answer any questions you may have regarding your web design.
  • Design begins. We take the information from both the survey and consultation and develop 2-3 mock-ups and email them to you for review.
  • Feedback. You send us your thoughts and opinions regarding our initial mock-ups. We request that you summarize any discussions with your designer regarding your feedback items within email format so that both parties can be clear on revision expectations.
  • Revisions. Mock-ups are revised and emailed to you further review.
  • Approval. When you are satisfied with your web design, provide us with your approval via phone and email.
  • Development. Project is now ready to move into the development phase. We will optimize your artwork, develop HTML, and integrate code and images within your site.
  • Project Completion. Design and development of your site is now complete. Our web design team will notify you that your project is finished and forward you a customer satisfaction survey requesting any feedback that you'd like to provide to us.

What does the average web site cost and/or do you have a price range?
All web sites are different. If there is a price range that you would like us to work within, please let us know. Once we have a detailed understanding of your desired web site, amount of content, web site features, enhancements, and web site goals, we will put together a proposal within your stated budget range. Please keep in mind that the more that we know about your business and what you wish to accomplish, the more we can help you. In developing a business web site, it is important for us to become educated and informed about your business and industry so that we may create the best web site for you and your budget and also to help you get the most return on your investment.


Can you help me, when I am located outside of California or even outside of the United States?
Yes. The Internet is a global community and we can, and do, provide our services throughout the world.

How long will it take you to complete my pages?
Under most circumstances, our web design team can finish your site within 2 weeks of receiving completed survey from you. The process is largely dependent upon you as we'll rely on your initial information, feedback, and continued communication to help your design reach its full potential.
If a situation should arise wherein you need to focus your efforts on issues other than your project for a period of more than ten days, it will be placed back into our design queue. We will continue with your project as soon as you become available. Our web design services are in high-demand so we have developed this policy to ensure that all of our customers receive the best service possible.

Multimedia FAQ

Will the same CD-ROM work on Macintosh and Windows computers?
The answer is YES! Xtream Studio creates powerful multimedia CD-ROM's that can operate on both Windows and Macintosh computers. No additional software is required.


We have a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation but want to take it to the next level. Can this be done?
PowerPoint is fine for certain situations, but it has its limitations. If you want a presentation with more flexibility, animation and cross-platform support, consider an interactive multimedia presentation from Xtream Studio.

How much data can I store on a regular CD-ROM?
You can fit up to 620MB safely on a 650MB capacity CD-ROM. That equates to about 15,000 pages of documents or up to 45 minutes of video.
What materials do you need to create a multimedia CD-Rom for my company?
Any materials and ideas are welcome and help reduce the times involved for the multimedia creations. In general we ask the clients to send us any photos, text and video clips content they would like to present and we study it with them. Once a theme is developed we proceed step by step with the client.
How long does it take to produce the multimedia CDs?
The length of time to produce your CDs will depend on the multimedia development and the production schedule. For expediting rush job contact one of our representatives to get an accurate time schedule for your specific project.

Corporate Identity FAQ

What should I think about when designing a logo?
You should think about whether you want an illustrative logo (a logo that includes an illustrative representation of what your company does), a graphic logo (a logo that includes a graphic - or abstract - representation of what your company does), or a font-based logo (a dynamic type treatment that is unique to your company), or a combination of all three. You should also consider the future usage's of your logo as this can determine the technical set up of your design and might pose some design limitations.


How many logo designs samples do we get to choose from?
4 logo samples will be provided in the base price. If for some reason, we didn't match your chosen style in the initial samples, you will receive 4 adjustment cycles. However once you choose any one of the initial samples and we work on the refinement, any other additional samples thereafter may be ordered for an additional 50% of the standard logo rate.


How many revisions to the initial logo concepts do you provide to your clients?
We provide up to 3-4 iterations/revisions for the selected sample design. However, we refine the sample till the quality expectations of the client are met.


What formats are my logo delivered in?
Print logos are normally delivered in EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) or TIFF (Targeted Image File) format, vector resizable formats for printing AI (Adobe Illustrator) or CDR (Corel Draw), unless requested in another format by the client. Clients wishing to have their logo in a specific software application format should check with us first before beginning their logo design.

Web logos are normally delivered in GIF or JPEG format, depending on the design of the logo. Special formats can be created, but we usually recommend sticking with these formats for general use.

Screen logos (other than the web, such as for a presentation) can be created in GIF, JPEG, PNG, Windows Bitmap, and many other formats. Again, we strongly recommend letting us know beforehand where you plan on having your logo displayed so we can make your logo design completely compatible when finished.

All original artwork will be provided to you and will be your sole copyrights.