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Corporate Communications :: Frequently Asked Questions


What is e-Learning?
e-Learning is a about dramatically new ways of learning; at home, at work and at school by using networks especially the internet and intranets and digital technology tools. e-Learning goes beyond formal course-based learning to a much broader world that includes all kinds of informal ways of learning. And most adults learn informally especially in the workplace.


What are the key trends of e-Learning?
There are basically 2 important trends in of e-Learning; one is the increasing learning needs i.e. all the competitive pressures that requires us to learn faster and more cost-effectively. The old learning and training models that are instructor and classroom-based simply cannot keep up with the increasing speed of technological change and shrinking product life cycles faced by companies today. The second trend in e-Learning is the growth of enabling technologies particularly the great number of tools that we can now use to create high quality digital content. We are also seeing continuing improvements in hardware and software of all kinds and portable wireless devices that will increasingly be used for learning. The future of e-Learning will be especially interesting as we move into the new era of wireless broadband which will allow audio and video streaming on thin light-weight portable devices.


How can companies benefit from e-Learning?
Modern companies rely heavily on highly skilled talents who can learn and unlearn quickly. If you are not a lifelong learner today and know how to take advantage of e-Learning, you'll soon be left behind. Only through smart application of e-Learning, will employees and companies be able keep up with increasing speed of change in a knowledge-based economy. e-Learning will also enable employees to work effectively and collaboratively over networks in teams with members stationed all over the world. If you cannot function effectively in this global collaborative environment and work informally either by yourself or in teams, you are going to face a difficult future.

How does e-Learning benefit the individual and employees?
E-Learning enables almost anyone in the world who has access to the internet, the chance to gain easy and low-cost access to knowledge and learning. Individuals will also be able to obtain help through interaction & communication with mentors online. We are also seeing a proliferation of virtual communities of interests where people can interact and learn from each other. All these translates into a better informed and more knowledgeable individual who can live a happier and more productive life, and of course have a higher standard of living with greater job security than he could ever enjoy without access to e-Learning.

Why should my company use web-based presentation software?
Because using web-based presentation software will extend your reach while saving you time and money. At
Xtream Studio, we know that communication is essential to a company’s success. Now, more than ever, interacting with and educating employees, customers, and partners is key to longevity and profitability. In today’s business world, nearly everyone has web access. Why rely on costly and disruptive air travel or expensive documents to convey information when everything you need to communicate can be conveyed via the web? Whether introducing a new product, educating sales people, providing internal training, or releasing critical information to shareholders and analysts, web-based presentation software is an efficient, economical, and superior method of distributing live and recorded information to any audience, anywhere, anytime.


If I am not very good with computers, will I still be able to use Xtream Studio’s software?
Of course! StreamAuthor is wizard based and requires absolutely no hard coding. A professional presentation can be created in minutes with little more than the click of a button. The software automatically converts a standard PowerPoint® presentation for distribution over the Web, interactive functionality can be included with little effort, and an interface can be customized in seconds— and you don’t even need to know what HTML stands for. HR personnel, CEOs, and sales people without any technical experience are successfully using our software right now. And if you don’t want to produce your presentations internally, Xtream Studio can do it for you at a competitive price and at an unparalleled level of quality.

Are there additional hardware requirements or hidden costs?
Xtream Studio’s software is designed to work on a standard workstation, encoding box, or caching box. While
a web server and streaming server are required to distribute the presentation, Xtream Studio’s software works with all major servers and requires no independent hardware. Just throw the disc in your PC and start creating professional presentations in minutes. Additionally, your audience will not need a client side plug-in to view presentations, and we can host and deliver the video content for you on our streaming servers.
What if I have different requirements in six months?
We know that there is nothing worse than making a technology investment that is obsolete in six months. That is why Xtream Studio developed software that is modular and can be easily upgraded, enhanced, and customized. With Xtream Studio, you have a standards based solution that can be molded and sculpted to meet your evolving needs.