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Why do I need streaming video?

Streaming video creates a media-rich environment. Regardless of your product or service, there's nothing quite like the power of video to capture the interest and imagination of your visitors and help get your message across.

· Streaming video gives you the power to demonstrate, educate, inform, inspire, motivate and even entertain more effectively.

· Our objective is to enable you to gain these benefits of streaming video by providing you with the highest-quality audio and video conversions at the lowest possible cost.

Create a compelling media-rich environment

Streaming video presentations are the single most cost-effective multimedia solution you can add to your Web pages. They provide the type of visual experience which can keep visitors at your site and keep them coming back.

On-demand streaming or live webcast adds an important new tool to your business communications. Each or both enables your website to be more engaging, more relevant and more valuable to your intended audience.

Benefits of adding streaming media:

· Use the Web to extend the reach of your event to more viewers, customers or prospects.
· Engage your audience with a compelling experience, including live video/audio, synchronized slides and interactive elements
like chat, live Web links, question and answer (Q&A) and polling.

· Extend the life and effectiveness of your live event by archiving the entire event for on-demand viewing.

· Reach a geographically-dispersed audience without incurring travel costs or losing your best talent to time spent in transit.

· Share information quickly and conveniently with your audience deliver your content directly to the desktop.

· Save substantial cost, compared to dedicated video conferencing systems, teleconferencing, and hybrid phone/Web solutions.
Some examples of applications using streaming media:

· Corporate streaming profile
· Corporate e-learning/e-training
· Real estate property tour / realtor video profile
· Political fund-raising
· Faith-based organizations
· Non-profit fund-raising campaigns
· Live event webcast
· Online seminars
· Virtual tradeshows/expos
· …. Many more!!!