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The XTreamPlayer is an easy-to-use web application, which combines digital media with text, graphics, flash animation and HTML content. By simply adding an easy-to-click hyperlink in your Web site's text or graphics, your site will quickly jump to life with the visual power and audio experience that only the XTreamPlayer can bring.

Xtream Studio's powerful XTreamPlayer projects your video message in crisp, brilliant colors with CD-quality sound. Your customers will easily enjoy your personality filled site without having to install anything on their own computers. In mere seconds the impressive XTreamPlayer becomes your XTreamPlayer with your images and logos displayed across the XTreamPlayer panel. The XTreamPlayer includes a customizable front-end with a database backend component that can host unlimited movie clips, television spots as well as personalized video presentations.

Imagine, no longer having to deal with time-consuming projects of uploading your digital media to servers that don't respond and dealing with the aggravation of tech support. With Xtream Studio your complex media files and your XTreamPlayer are cleanly stored on Xtream Studio's specialized streaming servers, which will accurately play your video in seconds. For the Web surfing audience, this is as easy as it gets. A simple click is all it takes for Unlimited XTream Media.

The XTreamPlayer includes:

   Advanced advertising delivery and insertion

   A customizable interface with unlimited form

   Complex scripting and the ability to embed

   Multiple Web-browser applications

   Customizable interfaces

   Simple controls

   Much more.