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The XTream Studio Presenter Pack is our most comprehensive and in-depth configuration. The Presenter Pack is ideal for major companies needing to display Power Point presentations, round-table discussions and in-depth messages from presidents and managers. If you need assistance in producing your still images, Power Point presentations or other video messages, the XTream Studio Team can handle that for you from our Los Angeles headquarters.

Not only will we have a professional photographer shoot your still images, but the video professional at Xtream Studio will film, produce, edit, encode and publish your film for you in two speeds: 56 kbps and 150 kbps. Once we have prepared the XTreamPlayer for your on-demand presentations, seminars and classes, your staff and students will witness a vibrant custom flash animation with your company's information, personal E-mail links, contact information and digital still images. The Presenter Pack is the easiest way to keep your entire organization up-to-speed.