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On-demand streaming is the term given to video or audio streams that have been pre-prepared and are available for visitors to play whenever they want. On-demand streaming is meant to deliver streaming media to the user at their leisure. Content streams upon request and is able to be repeatedly accessed. This service is meant for delivering static and archived content. Users experience the content from the beginning of the presentation, they can fast forward and rewind as needed.

Xtream Studio empowers customers with advanced capabilities and robust online management tools that allow them to deploy, manage and track performance from a single account. Our on-demand streaming service allows you to stream archived media content at anytime, day or night. You will simply sign up for an account and store your media on our secure servers.

For the amount of disk space that you select, you will be given a corresponding amount for monthly data transfer (bandwidth). This is the maximum amount that your streaming media visitors can view in any given month. The size of each individual stream and the number of streams will determine the monthly data transfer used.

The many features of UXTM On-Demand Delivery include:

Industry Standard Formats
UXTM supports the following streaming media types from one account: Shockwave/Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime & MP3/MPEG.

24x7 account access
Customers can manage their media account online, including content management, support and online media reports. Customers have both Web and FTP access for their content.

Professional encoding
UXTM acknowledges that you may not have the time or resources to capture and encode your media. Just send us your audio or video and we will take care of all the encoding for you.

Digital media reporting
Each UXTM account includes a comprehensive media report, which lets you see how much data has transferred, which clips are popular and geographic information.

Free technical support
UXTM·s knowledgeable team is available to help you with your media management needs. Anytime you have questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-UXTM-717 or e-mail