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 Creative Solutions / Web Development / Custom Project

We specialize in custom website design for small and medium-sized businesses. When we design your website, you know you are getting a professional site, custom-made to your specifications, within your budget, and delivered on time.

Types of Applications:

XTream Studio has custom-designed streaming media applications for various industry professionals and web portals. Below are some examples of the types of applications that we have designed and excelled in:

1. Video Profile / Web-mercial:Ideal for service professionals like realtors and lawyers who wish to address their audience "in person" than with traditional text.

2. Virtual Property Tour: A video walk-through of the property that allows busy homeseekers to view property with audio explanation and live video while at work or from home.

3. Virtual Expo / Virtual Tradeshow: A post-event extension to the actual expo/tradeshow that consists of speeches conducted during the event and video interviews with exhibitors. The "Virtual Expo" allows exhibitors to continue networking with fellow exhibitors or with expo attendees who wish to "re-visit" the expo.

If you are interested in seeing these customized solutions in action, please email and request for a demonstration.