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 Corporate Communications

The rapid change of business environments requires corporations to adapt swiftly and steer their employees to a common objective. Companies now have a simple way to deliver consistent corporate communications to employees and business partners. StreamAuthor combines engaging data with streaming video to deliver high-impact multimedia presentations to a large audience.

On-demand delivery of a meeting means employees don't need to worry about not being able to attend a meeting. Using StreamAuthor with streaming media is a cost effective method to distribute information to a large and dispersed workforce. There is no better way to interact with your community than XTream Studio's presentation and e-learning products.

Here are some of the benefits of online corporate communication:
Adapt your presentation on-the-fly to meet audience needs

Consolidated course resources located all in one place

Eliminates travel costs for attendees

Engaging audience experience holds attention and can improve comprehension

Live events can be archived and made available for on-demand viewing

Presenters and other content experts can answer questions in real-time during live events

Reach your shareholders, analysts, and investors online

Trainees access from anywhere they can connect to the internet